1505, 2016

The difference in paint correction packages

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Paint correction means different things to different people.  One step, two step, full correction, polishing, compounding....what does all that mean? Well, different companies use the terms differently.  A one step could be a AIO type [...]

1505, 2016

Why paint coatings are taking over the market

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Paint Coatings vs Waxes, which one is better?  That's a question that we get asked a lot, so I will try to explain it here the easiest way possible. Traditional waxes lay on the paint surface without bonding [...]

301, 2016

All About Clear Bra

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Clear bra, or PPF, or Clear film is the protection you need in order to protect the paint from rock chips.  While coatings form a layer of solid, glass like protection, it doesnt have the thickness [...]

3012, 2015

Monthly car wash/mini details now offered at Envious Detailing

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After too many requests to provide the maintenance details / washings on the cars we detail for clients, a new program is being rolled out starting in January of 2016. This is the program you [...]

2409, 2015

Modesta Coating – Ultimate Paint Protection

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You just bought a brand new car, Congrats! Now you are asking yourself…What is the best way to protect the new condition paint for as long as I own the car? Well, you are in [...]

203, 2015

BMW M3 correction, clear bra, coating

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WHAT A PROJECT!This one had it all, damaged paint, scuffed up bumper, swirls, scratches, poor bumper respray from CPO, etc.  This owner wanted the car to look the best it possibly could, so its a [...]